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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a digital marketing technique that allows you to develop relationships with customers through sending emails. Email marketing allows you to attain leads for your business and allows you to turn buyers into customers and customers into loyal fans.

As of 2022, Email Marketing is still the most efficient channel beating out SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media. Email Marketing is the best way to nurture leads and allows you to develop a loyalty between customers.

The reason why email marketing is important is that email communication is the No.1 communication channel. 99% of the email users check their emails on a regular basis that is greater than any other communication medium.

The best thing about email marketing is that emails are personalized and your own. Like your social media account could be deleted at any time without any notice but no one can take away the email list from you. Also, the emails convert better.

People who buy the products through Email Marketing spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. Also, email marketing has a higher ROI (Return Over Investment) of 4400%. And at this point, if there are doubts in your mind remember that the average order of an email list is 3 times higher than that of social media.

Steps in Email Marketing

Steps in Email Marketing
  • Get Permission
  • Blasting Emails
  • Tracking

1.Get Permission

Obviously, no email campaign will start without getting permission from the owner to whom you are sending the emails. There are two kinds of email campaigns and strategies namely push notification and pull notification. In push notifications, emails are sent to the client as per their request, whereas in pull notifications the emails are sent to the client without any prior informing or notification.

Usually, Lead Magnet is the best strategy to gather and collect the database of emails with their permission. In Lead Magent we offer something for free to the client to get their emails like free EBook, White Paper, Free Downloads, New Product Release/Updates, Research Paper, or others.

How to grow an email list?

The best way to grow the email list is by putting a contact form on your website and receive emails and contact details from there. However, most of the time this strategy does not work well. The best way to blast your email contact list is to make the positive and mature use of Lead Magnet. The following are the characteristics of a mature lead magnet.

  • Consumable
  • Actionable
  • Noticeable Improvement
  • Relevant
  • Timely Available

How to create a website form (opt-in form) that converts?

The following are important points to optimize the opt-in form to get leads using the website form.

  • Compelling Headline.
  • Knowledge Adding Description.
  • Attractive Visuals.
  • Simple Form
  • Engaging Subscribe Button

2.Blasting Emails

Blasting Emails

Email Marketing is all about expectations and it entirely depends on you how to set these expectations. Strong CTA (Call To Action) with regular and consistent Follow Up Emails will make your campaign to go positive. Let’s take an example if you are sending 2-3 emails per week instead of sending daily you are up for failure.

Similarly, daily updates and not updating the client with the regular updates in a product will also result in the failure of your email marketing campaign. This is why the follow-up emails are so important in the success of your marketing efforts.

How to write a great email newsletter?

Obviously, there is a good email newsletter and a bad email newsletter. There are Soft and Hard Bounces in the Emails Blasting. Soft Bounces of emails are due to technical errors whereas if you are receiving hard bounces it is definitely the fault of yours, in hard bounces the customers are not likely to receive emails from you.

Usually, Hard Bounces happens when a business fails to maintain consistency or uses a poor form to contact. Therefore Email lapse should not be so long. The ideal pace of sending an email is one per week instead of sending too many at the same time.

For a great email newsletter, messages and updates should be mixed. For example, your email newsletter might contain a list of updates and images balanced by friendly memos and personal messages. The newsletter is the best way to develop a good relationship with customers rather than adopting the way of pitching up.

Best Email Marketing Service/Best Email Marketing Software

Best Email Marketing Service/Best Email Marketing Software

The best email marketing software or service to run any campaign using email marketing is.

Optin Monster

Optin Monster allows you to create opt-in forms as well as A/B Testing without the need of any developer. It is one of the best WordPress plugins to generate leads. Optin Monster allows you to easily create personalized, targeted, and dynamic forms that can be embedded anywhere and anyplace in the site.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest and best email marketing services in the world. Constant Contact allows you to manage your subscribers and lets you create professional email designs with the help of drag and drop editing tools and features.

Constant Contact lets you send automated emails to new subscribers using the contact list as well as also lets you track the performance.  You can try the constant contact trial for free for 60 days. After the plan will start at 20$ per month. According to the WP Beginner, Constant Contact was the best marketing service of 2019.

Send In Blue

Although Send In Blue is not a complete email marketing software but one of the best SMS Marketing Software. With the aid of the drag and drop tools, it is one of the best and easy to use marketing platforms that allows you to create engaging emails, automated workflows, and segment users.

Send In Blue lets you send 300 emails per day for free. However, paid plans start at 25$ per month. Adding an SMS will cause an additional cost that is based on your needs.


Drip is a marketing automation tool that lets you create complex automation workflows as well as conditional statements within email campaigns. Drip plans start at 49$ per month for up to 2500 subscribers and a pro at 99$ per month to send emails to 5000 subscribers. Both plans allow you to try trials for 14 days. Enterprises plans for more than 5000 subscribers requires you to contact Drip.


A Weber is another of the best email marketing service that provides you a wide range of tools such as auto-responders, segments, email building list as well as tons of other tools. AWeber provides great customer support and lets you send targeted emails by combining AWeber with Optin Monster. Weber plans start at 19$ per month with 30 days free trial.

Convert Kit

Convert Kit is one of the best email marketing tool if you need some advanced features such as complex autoresponders with combining Optin Monster. It is a kind of CRM Tool (Customer Relationship Management) with a heavy price tag. Convert Kit is best for authors, bloggers, and speakers.

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite lets you create auto-responders as well as responsive emails with the availability of the A/B Testing tool. Mailer Lite lets you send targeted emails to specific subscribers. The free plan of Mailer Lite lets you send 1000 emails to 1000 subscribers for free.



An effective marketing campaign also includes tracking. Segmentation allows you to group your customers based on demographics, location, gender, and interests. The three most important factors in tracking the success of emails are open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribers.

How To Improve E-Mail Open Rates?

Improving the Email Open Rates is super-important in the process of Email Marketing because after segmenting your users, building an email list, collecting data and email, and finally adopting the email marketing service to send emails. If your emails are unopened or bounce back all your marketing efforts will go effortless. So here, we have suggested to you some of the best tips increase the open rates of your email.

  • Avoid Spam Filters
  • Remove inactive subscribers to keep your list clean.
  • Focus on Timing
  • Make Your Subject Line Captivating
  • Be Friendly
  • Inject Some Humor

Avoid Spam Filters

The most common problem that most email marketers face is that the emails went to the spam folder. In order to avoid spam in email marketing, you first have to acquire the permission of the recipients to whom you are sending emails. Second, you have to adopt the recommended email service provider to send emails.

Here are some of the tips to stop your emails from getting into the spam folder.

  • Make sure that all the recipients have granted you permission to send them emails.
  • Send your emails from the reputed email address. Make sure that this IP has not been used to send spam emails in the past.
  • Use verified domains to send emails.
  • Keep your email template’s code neat and clean.
  • Use captivating and engaging meta-tags.
  • Ask subscribers to add your email address to their address book.
  • Avoid excessive use of spam trigger words like discount, cash, buy, clearance, and others.
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  • do include your location.
  • Make subscribers to opt-out of your emails.

Remove Inactive Subscribers to keep your list clean

It is very important to remain in touch with your subscribers on a constant basis. It is very important at this point to record to notice whether the users are interested in your products or not or have changed their accounts. To keep your email list updated all the time it is recommended to remove the inactive subscribers. It is very important to note at this point that inactive subscribers are those who have not responded to your emails over the past 6 months.

Also, try to engage again and again with your inactive subscribers not more than 2-3 times to check whether they are active or not.

Focus on Timing

Focus on Timing

Timing can make or break your email marketing campaign and also has an effect on the open rate of your email. It is therefore very important to focus on the timing of your campaign. A/B Testing will allow you to predict the perfect sending time to send emails.

Usually, the open-rates, unique click rate, total click rate, and click to open rate of emails are higher on the day of Friday, whereas the conversion rate is higher on Saturday. The bottom line is that imagine a day in the life of your audience. Imagine what they are doing on Monday or Morning/Afternoon/and Evening, also notice their activities at different times of the day.

Make Your Subject Line Captivating

If you want to increase the open rate of your email, then the subject line is the most important element. Your main focus should be the subject line should be captivating and you should encourage users to click on the email and open it thus increasing the open-rate.

Be Friendly

Always write like a Friend. It is the only way to appeal in a general tone to your subscribers. Let’s Take an example.

“We are offering discounts to our customers.”

It would be better if we say like.

“Check Our Our Amazing Deals.”

Inject Some Humor

Humor is the best way to make an instant connection. It is entertaining, personal, and engages the reader’s mind. It is always recommended to be clever and humorous and try to make use of humor in the subject line of your email. However, you don’t have to be a comedian in order to write a humorous email.

Optimize For Mobile

Optimize For Mobile

Almost 67% of all emails are opened on mobile based on the product, email type, and target audience. Therefore you cannot ignore mobile users in any way. In order to optimize for mobile, you have to make sure that emails are responsive and the media included within the email are optimized and easily loadable. Also, the long subject lines cut off therefore you have to take care of it.

Here are some of the tips to optimize your email for mobile.

  • Keep the formatting simple relatively under 600px.
  • Use the large font as small fonts are difficult to read on mobile.
  • Use small images as they are responsive and easily loadable.
  • Use larger CTA Button, Larger CTA Buttons are easy to tap with a thumb.
  • Don’t place two links one after the other. In this user can tap on the wrong button and will eventually end up doing nothing.

How to create an effective Email Marketing Strategy

The following are some of the tips to build an effective email marketing strategy.

  • Set a goal for your email marketing campaign.
  • Decide on the email type you send.
  • Segment your Audience.
  • Make use of the right technology.
  • Create Eye-Catching Email Template.
  • Follow-Up
  • Create Engaging Subject Line.
  • Draft Email Marketing Copy.
  • Design Your Email.
  • Test as well as Track your Email Campaign.

How To Get Email List?

Effective Email List will allow you to get the highest ROI. The following are some of the tips to build an effective email list.

  • Put-Up Sign Up Form on your website.
  • Create Newsletter Sign Up.
  • Install a Pop-Up to Collect Data.
  • Drive Sign Up using Social Media.
  • Add more subscribers to an existing email list.
  • Use Lead Magnet.
  • Create and Send Compelling Emails.
  • Build a Captivating and Engaging Landing Page.

How To Do Email Marketing?

How To Do Email Marketing?

Create An Email Marketing Plan

Defining an email audience is the first step to be successful in the email marketing campaign. Knowing your audience will allow you to effectively communicate with them. MailChimp allows you to better segment your audience. Besides, using MailChimp you can also send personalized and targeted emails to your users that help in increasing engagement, build a relationship, and will result in a higher ROI.

SignUp Sources

signing up Resources will allow you to build an effective email list. Different signup resources will allow you to build an effective email list. Lead Magnet can help you in this regard. In Lead Magent you offer the user something free for their email address.

Segment and Grouping

In Segment, you have to make small groups within the larger audience. Segmenting your audience will allow you to send relevant and personalized emails to your email subscriber list and will allow you to attain better results. Mail Chimp Segmentation tools will aid you a lot in this regard and can increase your Click-Through Rates as well as e-commerce orders.

Decide on what to write

Content Marketing Strategy will allow you to decide what to write to your email subscribers list. Purposing your email content will provide you the direction and write the content that results in more and more signups as well as conversions.

Determine Sending Frequency and Goals

Sending emails at a constant pace and targeting with effective content will allow you to attain the goals of your email marketing campaign. Irrelevant emails targeting and blasting the emails to the inbox of your subscribers without any effective plan and content in hand will end up at nothing without any results.

Designing the Emails

While Designing the Emails, always keep the message and your goals straightforward. Plan out the hierarchy of your email content and design the content of the email in such a way that the reader can easily scan the entire email if they are short of time. Also, pre-design the template and design of your email, Clean your code clean by keeping in view its responsiveness and make the reader easy to scan the entire email.

Marketing Automation

Automation is a series of emails that are targeted. Using the marketing automation you can set up your email marketing campaign as well as the follow-ups emails. While automation also has a higher ROI. Email Marketing Automation allows you to better manage your campaigns and allows you to attain a higher ROI as well as more conversions.


Tracking your email marketing campaign is the last step towards your destination. Setting up the campaign and forgetting it is the proper way. Tracking and Testing different things will pre-prepare yourself for the next strategy and campaign and will make you come to know the things that what is working and what is not.


We have guided you in detail on the step by step process of Email Marketing. Following up on all the above steps will result in the definite success of your campaign.

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