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Pros and cons of social media marketing in Singapore

In a time when technology is a part of our everyday life, it is not a surprise that it is embedded in activities that we usually do. We even order clothing, food, and other basic necessities through apps. We even book transportation services with the help of technology. It plays an important role in our daily lives because it makes it easier. Many brands use new technology to grow business and build new customer base.

With different businesses, technology has played and is playing an important role. Technology, through social media marketing, has changed the way brands and businesses market their products. Business marketing has evolved from printed ads to social media marketing. Social media marketing targets a wider audience compared to printed ads. This is why many businesses from different industries have engaged and ventured into social media marketing Singapore strategies. This can be done through social media marketing professionals or social media agency Singapore specialists. However, every advantage comes with a disadvantage. So, in this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of social media marketing in Singapore.


Low Cost

This type of marketing can present lower costs. This is because almost all social media platforms are free. This makes it easier to access many entrepreneurs and businesses. Moreover, social media platforms have been trying to make setting up business profiles easier. However, businesses can still opt to level up their social media marketing Singapore tactics by engaging in paid marketing. Social media platforms offer these kinds of advertising opportunities specifically to target a wider audience compared to free posts. Social media marketing agency Singapore specialists are experts in these kinds of ads because they know who to target for your business to maximize your investment.

Wider Reach

As stated in the first point, the social media marketing Singapore strategy offers an even wider reach of the targeted audience. The usual physical store and printed ad advertisements can only reach those that are just within the proximity of the ads. However, with social media marketing in Singapore tactic, a significant number of people can be reached even if they are on the other end of the world. This is specifically achieved through paid advertising where social media platforms offer to post or play your ad in different places targeting different audiences and at a specific time. All of these works and specifications can be made possible with the help of a social media agency Singapore professionals.

More personal

Businesses have noted that ordering and customer interaction in business through social media marketing Singapore platforms felt more personal This is compared to the usual physical store interaction between a sales agent and a customer. On social media platforms, the customer can send a private message and receive a personalized response. Thus, making it more personal. In this article, “Pros and cons of social media marketing in Singapore”, These types of strategies can be provided to you by your social media agency Singapore specialist.



The benefits of social media marketing Singapore’s strategy are indeed promising. However, to be able to reap these benefits, one must spend time curating, posting, even following up the contents posted. Curating or making the post alone can be so time-consuming as you have to spend time thinking of contents and pleasing images. The difference between printed ads and social media marketing Singapore posts is that when the printed ads are up, you will not have to do so much work anymore. However, with social media platforms, constant follow-ups, and consistent presence are required. This is where the role of social media agency Singapore professionals might be a big help. They can take over these kinds of work for you.


Since the Pros and cons of social media marketing in Singapore tactics are done through social media platforms, there is a risk to the business’ security. The issue of profile hacking any breach of security is not new. Exposing your business to the world wide web is also exposing it to threats. However, there are many security measures you can take to make sure that this will not happen. This can be another area that a social media agency Singapore specialist can be of help. They are experts in this field so they would know exactly what to do to prevent this from happening.

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