Top 5 Mobile Apps for Food You Should Try Once

Face it, food is on almost everybody’s mind all of the time! Now that most of us truly live through our smartphones, we tend to organize and optimize our lives through these little devices. However, if you’re still wandering the streets looking for the best regional food delights; or stumbling around the grocery store like a zombie trying to find your dinner – you’re obviously not realizing the full potential of your device for life’s basic need: FOOD!

So instead of just wandering, check out these top mobile apps for food that will let you optimize technology for your pallet and fulfill your cravings.



If you’re more a fan of dining in than eating out, Epicurious is the app for you. This free mobile app for food will give you literally thousands of recipes – and will give you the ability to sync up whole meals based on things like ingredients, seasonal tastes, or world regions. The interactive shopping list comes in handy at the grocery store, making sure you don’t miss a thing. The best thing about the recipes is they provide step-by-step instructions WITH IMAGES! If you’ve been meaning to learn to cook your whole life, now is the time to get started. It’s easier than ever with Epicurious. you can also check these best top 10 android apps which are very useful.



No doubt, it can be challenging to find a place where everyone in your group of friends can all enjoy a meal together – particularly if there are vegetarians in the mix! VegOut is one of the best mobile apps for food lovers who want to dine out. As the name says, this app accesses many databases of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free restaurants in most major cities – making the search for a palatable meal effortless. You can sort alphabetically, or geographically – with directions to each restaurant and reviews prompted as the automatic next step. Become the hit of the party with your friends, taking them to all the best.

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Big Oven


You can count BigOven in the list of the most useful mobile apps for food recipes. It is by far the largest recipe guide available – period. There are over 170K recipes in BigOven to choose from. Now, this might sound like a drawback; if BigOven didn’t make them so easy to access. Added benefits include user recipe reviews, and a menu planner that will take into account recipes day after day, helping you optimize your ingredients. Grocery ingredients are automatically imported by recipe, and drag and drop for different quantities. Big Oven is more of an all-inclusive cooking app rather than a one-stop random recipe generator. Read this creative idea for wholesale bakery boxes.

But, if you’re looking for the next great way to plan your eating, Big Oven just might fit the bill.



Yelp is a classic app that lets you locate restaurants with the standard filters like geography, or type of cuisine. However, a fun aspect of Yelp is the “deals” tab of the app or “hot new businesses.” Yelp will alert you to new opportunities instead of making you discover them on your own. Needless to say, Yelp is also the leader in user-driven reviews – making your experience more assured than simply going with the first restaurant in your neighborhood. Take a minute and check out Yelp – it’s a classic mobile app for food lovers you might not want to miss!



Apple’s flagship restaurant app, Urbanspoon is the best way to find and categorize restaurants in your city. You can sort by neighborhood, cuisine type, and even price. The most fun part is once you’ve found a group of restaurants; you can shake the phone for a sort of “roulette” style gamble that will return a few results for you to choose from. If you don’t like the results, simply “shake” again, and have some fun getting the right choice for your culinary delight! A great strategy to enjoy this app is to limit criteria that are essential – and then throw in a rouge ingredient to see what happens!